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Hearing Restored

My 83-year-old father was not able to hear the pastor preach. He was so discouraged. Pastor Dennis Price prayed for my Dad over my cell phone and his hearing improved to the degree that I could whisper and he could tell me the numbers I was speaking. He was so thankful to have his hearing restored. Just a few weeks ago I was traveling with my Dad and I was reading to him and he said, “you don’t have to speak to me in a loud voice as I can hear you plainly.” What a joy he has each time he goes to church as he can now hear all that the pastor says. Thank you, Jesus, for healing my Dad’s hearing!!!
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3 Healings At Once

In 2005 I came to Pastor Dennis for prayer and God healed my TMJ, fibromyalgia, and my back. My chiropractor confirmed it the next week when she saw one leg was not shorter than the other and that had always been my problem since childhood. She also had no need to adjust the pelvis as it was already in place and that had never happened. God is so very good and I give Him all the praise for the healing that took place through Pastor Dennis.
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Facelift By God

Two years ago Pastor Dennis prayed for God to do a facelift for me and all my daughter’s friends kept telling me they could not believe I was 58. They told me they hoped when they got to my age their face would look that good. He also prayed for a skin tag that was over my eye. It was uncomfortable for me when applying makeup and when I looked in the mirror it was no longer there. God cares about the concerns a woman has even about her face!!! What a Savior!!!!
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Spider Bite Healed

A month ago Pastor Dennis called to see how I was doing and my foot was in great pain and was swollen. I was bitten by a poisonous spider. He prayed and the swelling left and so did the pain. I slept that night with no pain in that foot and I could walk on it. It is always so sweet to see how the Holy Spirit guides Pastor Dennis to know when to call me. I am so thankful for his faith and for all the times he has prayed for my friends and family.
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Healed From Knee Pain

Last year my 18 year old daughter had a painful knee. It would hurt her all the time and she constantly asked me to massage it. Pastor Dennis prayed with her over the phone and it was healed as he prayed. It has not hurt her since his prayer. It helped her see the power of prayer and that God heals when we pray in faith.
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Back Pain Healed

One year I was scheduled to fly out to Dallas, Texas and my back was in great pain. Pastor Dennis had my daughter, Tiffany, lay her hand on my lower back as he prayed and the pain left instantly. I was so thankful to fly out with no pain. We serve a God that loves us and is able to take care of all of our needs if we trust Him.
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Sore Throat Healed

One night my daughter, Tiffany, had a bad sore throat. She asked me to call Pastor Dennis and he prayed and you guessed it, her sore throat left her immediately. She knows God hears Pastor Dennis when he prays and healing always takes place. I’m so thankful for Pastor Dennis and his love for people and the power of his prayers.
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